Content optimization

Basically, every text should be written for your target group. Today, we say that a user and Google optimized text is about 1.000 words long and well structured. Well structured means that you use paragraphs and semantic formats correctly.

Here are some hints for your semantic formats:


The title should be marked as heading 1 (<h1>) and may appear only once on each page. Within archives or overview pages with several content elements (blog posts, products, etc.) the title should be markes as heading 2 or heading 3.

It’s an exception that we used the <h1> tag here in the content. Regularly, it’s forbidden to use it in the content editor, as it belongs exclusively to the item title.

Subtitles and crossheadings

They are marked with lower priority headings persuant to the hierarchical structure (<h2>, <h3> or <h4>). We regularly focus on headline 2 and 3.

Introduction and keywords

Ideally the introduction is the same as the meta description. It should be marked bold with the „<b>“-tag, which identifies the marked content as particularly important. To highlight single words or phrases such as keywords within the content, the „<strong>“-tag is recommended.

Emphases and paragraphs

We recommend to use the „<em>“-tag for single emphases and accented paragraphs. Oftentimes the content market with „<em>“ is displayed as italic. In comparison the „<i>“-tag is used for longer paragraphs.

Underlines <u> and Links <a>

Are marked but not special informations. They marked up with <u>, but should be in different color then usual links (<a>).
Links should always have a title (title=“Short description of the linked destination“). Links should also always have the target defined (target=“_blank“ for a new window or tab and external Links, target=“_self“ for internal links on the same page). External Links should be devalued (with rel=“nofollow“). For example: <a href=„“ title=“Internetagentur DELUCKS“ target=“_blank“ rel=“nofollow“>DELUCKS</a>

Quotes and mentions

Longer Quotes or mentionings should be marked up with <blockquote>. Shorter quotes on the other hand with <q>. The title of a work should be marked up with <cite>. The cited and other informations should be marked up with <small>.


Images are marked up with <img> and should always have an alt=“short description“ attribute. Don’t forget to mention the creator. In an editorial workflow this happens mostly below the picture <img src=““ alt=“Roaarrr Luchs Katze“/>, in a common workflow many tend to do that in the impress.